East Perth Community

The East Perth Community Group Inc supports residents and businesses in East Perth in matters including community engagement, safety, law and order and community spirit.

Our objectives are:
Community Spirit

Promote a feeling of involvement in and concern for the East Perth Community.

Community Safety

Liaise with the relevant government agencies in relation to maintaining community safety and security in East Perth and keep residents informed

Community Promotion

Promote the interests of residents and businesses in East Perth.

Encourage local arts and culture and support events in or that showcase East Perth.

Community Resources and Infrastructure

Advocate to the relevant level of government for any improved resources or infrastructure required
Be a focal point / mouthpiece for residents to encourage developments in East Perth to be in harmony and context with the natural and built environments and keep it as a great place to live and work.

Community Communications

Provide a forum for social and professional networking, business support, sharing of ideas and strive to be a catalyst for resolving local issues or concerns.

EPCG committee

Mark Petrig - Chair

Neil Harvey.jpg

Neil Harvey

Emily Tilbrook.jpg

Emily Tilbrook - Vice Chair

Patricia Tee.jpeg

Patricia Tee

Lesley Warren.jpg

Lesley Warren - Treasurer

Janice Morrison 3.jpg

Janice Morrison

Beth Stone - Secretary

Jim Meneely2.jpg

Jim Meneely

Raj Doshi.jpg

Raj Doshi -

Terrace Working Group

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