Claisebrook Family Art Walk

Join us on this special tour of Claisebrook Village's delightful artworks. The trail has been curated by local artist, Andrew Hawes.

As a parent and grandfather, he appreciates that families have different needs to

other groups and has hand painted 160 small gecko sculptures that also acts as a 'treasure trail.'

Follow the gecko pointers and pavement stickers for an artists eye view of our Village.

The Claisebrook Cove And Village
Gecko guided public art Trail
was created by local artist Andrew Hawes and includes around 150 hand painted gecko sculptures that mark the trail. Andrew’s challenge to participants, “see how many Gecko you can find ?”
The “Inclusive” concept incorporates 3 individual colour designs based on naturalistic but stylised Gecko markings:
Western Australian flag colours:  Blue, Gold, White, Red.
Traditional aboriginal colours: Red and Yellow ocher, white and black.
LGBT rainbow colours: Green,Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Purple.

Meet the Geckos

Artist, Andrew Hawes has developed 3 distinct symbolic themes for the painted geckos along the artwork trail. The first is blue for East Perth, the little rainbow chap depicts our Village's inclusivity and finally, the colours of our Indigenous flag.

Encourage little ones to look out for them as some are a little hidden and that is half the fun.

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