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Alone Together

The COVID-19 isolation directives have created anxiety and conversely, a sense of connection.

For those out exercising or shopping for groceries, there is a strong sense of "We are all in this together." One of our planned 2020 projects was a "Say Hello" campaign to reinforce East Perth's status as a friendly area. It will likely be surplus to requirement as neighbours and strangers greet one another with cheery good mornings and hellos and run errands for those in self isolation.

Local businesses have quickly adapted by providing home delivery services and adding to their product and service offer. Including Whipper Snapper Distillery, now also producing hospital grade sanitiser for larger businesses and services.

However, it is not all riverside walks and supermarket bonhomie. Close to 90% of East Perth residents live in apartment or flat dwellings. That brings a different set of issues and concerns. Common spaces have been closed in most apartment buildings, leaving residents without a pool, recreation space or gym.

Sunday Sessions is one initiative developed to address the particular needs of city apartment tenants. More than twenty out of work musicians have already played two separate dates in ten locked-down locations from Fraser Suites Perth and Vue Tower here in East Perth to Aire Apartments in West Perth.

The socially distanced performances will continue, including on Anzac Day and you can like the "City Sessions" Facebook page to receive notification for future performances,

The project is possible through a partnership with the performers, apartment venues, Activate Perth, West Perth Local and with the support of the City of Perth and WA Police.

In addition to local residents, the joy has spread to 9 other countries with a 7% international audience via FaceBook Live. Videos of last weekend's performances have already had more than twenty thousand views.

We'll continue to spread the good news about local businesses via our East Perth Local group linked to the East Perth Community Facebook page. And there are some more connection initiatives to roll out from early May. Thanks for contributing to our agility with your ideas, feedback and support.



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