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Democracy is the New Black

There is Spring and change in the air. Six people have already announced their candidacy for Lord Mayor seven weeks out from election day. Our members Candidates Forum has moved venue twice to meet demand from East Perth residents and business owners.

We are invested in the election outcome.

The most recent City of Perth election took place in 2005 and was the first at which outcomes were decided by resident ratepayers. And the 17 October poll is shaping up to be similar. Powerful and influential Perth folk are hosting dinners, emailing mates and even door-knocking for their preferred candidate(s).

Full credit to the Lord Mayoral and Councillor candidates who have made the effort to get out and about in our neighbourhood. We notice. But we are also cynical.

After two and a half years and more than $7 million, the inquiry into the City of Perth has left us feeling underwhelmed and more than a bit cranky.

Notwithstanding a credible list of recent achievements by the City of Perth Commissioners and City executive, the "to do" list is long and growing. Our city economy is facing a perfect storm of half-empty offices, shops and other socio-economic factors such as homelessness and anti-social behaviour. It will take a united team and a cultural transformation for the City of Perth to deliver on our community needs and aspirations.

With so many local and global unknowns, we are yearning for a leadership team to take us boldly where no Council has gone before. Our members are ready for change and we'll be using our votes wisely.

Anne-Maree Ferguson


East Perth Community Group



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