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Doing what we can; right here, right now.

By their very nature, community groups reside at the intersection of community, business and government. The opportunity and challenge are real.

Limited financial and human resource makes the going tough when red tape gets in the way.

And it does.

However there are plenty of entrepreneurial "doing" people in government and doomsday merchants in community organisations and the corporate world.

The key for the East Perth Community has been assembling a tribe of like-minded folks who support a cart before the horse approach. Getting stuff done and then working out how to do it.

It's no accident that many are members of our Walking Clubs. Doing one thing has evolved into many of them stepping forward for other projects. COVID-19 lockdown revealed a fresh set of gems for projects ranging from Live at Five with Raj Doshi to City Sessions; socially distanced live music for East and West Perth residents.

As we say in our project meetings, "Fire, Aim, Ready! The best is yet to come.



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